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Comprehensive local SEO strategies for martial arts gyms!

When it comes to growing a thriving martial arts gym, standing out in local online searches is vital for bringing new students to your doors and keeping your gym prominent when people search for martial arts gyms near them.

Whether you run a BJJ studio, MMA gym, or karate dojo, your business needs a comprehensive approach to local SEO.

As martial arts becomes increasingly popular and the number of gyms in your local area increases, you cannot afford to ignore local SEO.

But why is local SEO important?

According to Google, 30 percent of all mobile searches are related to location, and 46 percent of all searches are for a local business or local service.

Additionally, 76 percent of people who search on their smartphones for nearby businesses end up visiting the business the next day, with 28 percent of searches resulting in a purchase.

Don’t let these numbers overwhelm you.

The bottom line is that ranking for local business searches on Google is now a vital part of an effective, data-driven marketing approach.

When you hire Dynamic SEO, you immediately have a full time team to implement your complete local SEO strategy from the bottom up.

Our team handles the following vital aspects of local SEO:

Our team views SEO as a partnership between our agency and your business.

We work with you directly through the whole process to ensure you are informed on exactly what steps we are taking to get your gym a top ranking position in local search results.

Many of our clients have existing SEO infrastructure which the team can build off of, however, if you need a complete SEO buildout from the ground up, we have you covered.

We are not just another marketing firm. The founder Jordan is a longtime practitioner of BJJ, and our content writing team are all passionate practitioners of martial arts.

Our mission is to deliver exactly what you need without selling you services that do not drive your bottom line forward.

We know SEO, we know martial arts, and we are passionate about working with your team to grow your gym into a thriving center for martial arts in your community.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation and let us know how we can help you take your gym’s web presence to the next level.

- Jordan and the Dynamic SEO Team

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Dynamic SEO is a comprehensive local SEO agency specializing in getting martial arts gyms to rank at the top of local Google searches for their area.

The founder Jordan Fernandez has been working for years in the digital marketing space for martial arts and brings a wealth of technical SEO knowledge combined with experience in developing content specific to the needs of martial arts gyms.

He has worked with dozens of websites and businesses and has created hundreds of SEO-optimized content pieces specifically for martial arts including both global BJJ content.

Dynamic SEO exclusively serves the martial arts community, allowing us to focus entirely on the specific needs of martial arts gyms when it comes to local SEO.

The growing team at Dynamic SEO includes:

Our team is passionate about local SEO and constantly staying updated on the latest developments in the Google local search algorithm.

SEO is a rapidly evolving field.

In today’s competitive world, dominating local SEO searches requires a full time team to build and maintain rankings in local searches.

The team at Dynamic SEO is dedicated to ensuring our client gyms and dojos have a steady and powerful presence in local search results, allowing gym owners and instructors to do what they do best: share their passion and love for martial arts with their students.

Dynamic SEO provides local businesses with comprehensive local search engine optimization strategies.

Our SEO team works with your business from the ground up to boost your ranking in local searches and bring more customers to your doors.

We offer complete web design, content creation, Google Business Profile optimization, review management, and local citation services.

Whether you need to build your local search ranking strategy from scratch or want to optimize your existing web and Google presence, our team ensures you will outrank your competitors in local searches and drive potential customers into your business.


Call or email today and tell us how we can help your martial arts gym outrank the local competition.