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Search Engine Optimization, called “SEO” for short, is the process of getting a website or business profile to show up near or at the top of the Google results page when potential customers type in a search phrase relevant to the goods and services offered by that site or business.

Local SEO focuses on Google results for relevant small businesses nearby to the searcher.

To put it simply, if you want to your local business to show up at the top of Google search, you need to invest in local SEO.

what is local seo

How Can Local SEO Improve My Business?

how can local SEO improve my business

In the new era of the online world, customers are increasingly locating the services they need by searching on Google.

Google statistics report that nearly 53 percent of US consumers perform a Google search before deciding where to purchase goods and services.

Additionally, the top result in Google search receives roughly 27 percent of all clicks for that search term.

Regardless, reaching the top positions on Google search is a surefire way to acquire more leads, serve more customers, and grow your business.

How Local SEO Works

Google reports that there are over 200 factors that affect a web page’s rank on Google, and additional factors that affect the Map Pack Google Business results.

As your SEO team, we target the factors we can control that improve your rankings.

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The primary strategy revolves around the following steps:

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in a comprehensive SEO strategy. The goal of keyword research is generating a comprehensive list of the various ways customers search for the services your business offers.

Our process starts with learning the ins-and-outs of each service offered by your business, followed by in-depth research into the different keyword variations that customers type into Google.

Using a variety of tools, we get a close estimate of how many times people search for each term per month within your business service area.

We develop our content strategy around the keywords with a measurable number of local searches that correspond to the services your business offers.

keyword research

2. Website Development & Optimization

web development and optimization

Think of your website as your “online store front.”

A customer walking up to your physical office could easily be turned away if the porch has litter piled up, signage is peeling or missing, and posted operating hours are outdated.

Your website should receive the same care as your physical storefront. 

Customers who find you online will see your website before they even speak with you. It may be the difference between them calling to schedule an appointment or closing the browser tab and moving on.

In terms of Google ranking, ensuring your website loads smoothly, contains keyword-rich content on every page, and offers your customers a helpful, user-friendly experience is the top priority. Statistics show that the top ranking web pages have an average of ~1,500 words of keyword-heavy text.

Additionally, our expert team handles technical optimization of titles, meta-tags, and other website factors that ensure we tip the scales in your favor when it comes to outranking your competition on Google.

Our web development and content teams can handle the entire website creation from start to finish, or we can work with your existing website to optimize the content and technical SEO.

3. Google Business Profile Optimization

For local businesses, the website is just one component of your ranking on Google.

Your Google Business Profile, called a GBP for short, is a key aspect of SEO because it is the profile that shows up on the Map Pack results.

Our team handles the optimization and management of your Google Business Profile, including properly filling out all services using our researched keywords, adding FAQs, consistent content posts, ensuring new photos are uploaded, and responding to customer reviews.

Additionally, the optimized GBP profile and website work hand-in-hand to improve your overall rankings. Since your GBP and website are linked, the website optimization also gives a boost to your GBP ranking.

google business profile

4. Citation and Link Building

Citation and link building are the final tier of our SEO strategy. A citation is any instance of your business listing information appearing on the web.

Business directories and third-party review sites are one source of citations we leverage for SEO, but anytime another website mentions your business and includes the name, address, and phone number, this counts as a citation.

Consistent citations across the web that match your Google Business Profile information are an important factor that can improve your ranking.

Links are instances online where another website links back to your business website. We build links through a variety of methods that ensure other reputable websites link back to your website appropriately.

This signals to Google that your website is both legitimate and useful enough that other sites are linking to your content, which gives a boost to rankings.

citations and link building

Local SEO FAQs

How long does SEO take?

Most properly-scaled SEO campaigns begin seeing some results by six months. To begin pushing the top position for multiple competitive keywords, it typically takes roughly 12 months of dedicated SEO efforts.

Each keyword has its own results page, so ranking first for a given keyword variation does not mean you will rank for other variations of the same search.

The exact timeframe to see results varies depending on the competition for targeted keywords. The more your local competitors are investing in SEO, the more effort on our end it will take to displace them. On the flipside, lower competition keywords will be much faster to rank for, but will also have less of an impact than the high volume, competitive keywords.

Where does the money spent on SEO go?

SEO is not a software subscription or pay-to-play ranking service. Each monthly retainer goes to pay our content and web development team for the time and expertise spent on your project.

This includes the time it takes to fully understand and research your business, the expertise of our web developer to handle the coding and technical aspects of your site, the content writers who draft, compose, edit, and upload the content, and our staff that ensures our business operations function seamlessly between our different team members.

Each monthly service deliverable represents time, expertise, and efforts put forth on behalf of our client’s to ensure all aspects of SEO have been addressed. Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to hitting all the ranking factors that drive your business to the top of the search results.

Can you guarantee SEO results?

Due to the massive number of ranking factors that cannot be controlled as well as Google’s periodic content updates, it is not possible to guarantee a specific rank on the Google results within an exact timeframe – be wary of any SEO firm claiming otherwise!

That being said, the factors we address are the only proven methods to climbing the Google ranking, and our combined methods have consistently driven our client’s rankings up the Google results page by month six of our plans. This includes knocking established competitors off the Map Pack results.

While there are no hard guarantees in SEO – you can be certain our team addresses all of the controllable ranking factors that Google uses to determine where your business appears on the results page.

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